The secret to texting women

Hi it´s Tina Devi here with some insight information to the guys.

This article tell you a few secrets on the art of texting a girl. It´s really a lot more easy to get the response you want if you follow these easy steps.

For those of you that do not know, I’m a huge fan of texting. I love sending and receiving texts. I was recently talking to my friend Race de Priest (who happens to be the world’s best texter) about some of my favorite parts of texting. Race has written this amazing new book, full of everything you have ever been curious about when texting girls – including seduction!

Today, I want to take a minute to talk about something that is so crucial to having solid text-game mastery – sending the first text.

For now, I’m gonna assume you know how to get numbers from cute girls. I’m also gonna assume you have numbers from girls in your cell phone that you’d like to date or hook up with currently.

What Your First Texts Say About You

It should be stated that if you’re texting a girl, odds are that other guys are texting her, too. While you want to have zero expectations whether you’re texting one girl or multiple girls, you must separate yourself from the pack and engage her at her emotional core.

You want to convey, through text, that you are a high-status individual, that meeting and talking to girls is nothing new to you, and that you have a fun, non-needy personality that makes every text conversation fun.

However, you don’t want to become her new text-buddy. Of course, the texting is there so that you will eventually hang with her in person…

The Best First Texts to Send

So, how do you craft a text message that sets you apart, and makes her want to hang out with you? In my experience, I’ve narrowed it down to three elements that will get a response more often than not:

Engage her emotions, causing her to feel or re-affirm attraction to you.

Set a fun, playful tone for the future interactions.

Compels her to respond.

The most powerful element of creating the best first text is engaging her emotions. Remember that women are emotional creatures, and the best way to spark attraction is to do so through her emotions. If you had a great first interaction before you got her number, you want to continue those emotions when you re-connect via text.

The best way to compel her to respond is to ask her a question that requires a fun response. Asking “what’s up” or “what are you doing” is boring, and what most of the guys in her phone book would ask. By simply reframing “what’s up” to “what kind of shenanigans are you getting into,” you make it much more fun and playful…

Adopting a light and playful mentality in your text interactions will transfer from her phone to her emotional brain, compelling her to respond to this and future texts.

Of course, in Race’s book “Text That Girl!” he gives several more examples of how to engage her emotions, sets a playful tone, and compels her to respond.

I also want to discuss something with you that every guy will experience at some point at his life in relationships. You did the groundwork and you got her number, you sent her an awesome first text that captured her attention and engaged her emotions, and now you’ve been texting on-and-off for a few days now…

All of a sudden, you send her a text…


You send another…


You wait for hours…

Still nothing.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

I’ve been there!

It happens to the best of us, I promise.

My good friend, Race de Priest and I were talking about this the other day. If you have never heard of Race before, he’s an expert on texting, and he’s been sending and receiving more than 7,000 texts per month for years, while writing his new book “Text That Girl.”

Now, the important thing to remember if and when this happens is to not take it personally. So many guys will confront a girl, hounding her for an explanation. Others will internalize it all and blame themselves. However, there could be literally hundreds of reasons why she hasn’t responded:

She’s busy at work

Her phone is dead

She had a family emergency

She literally forgot to text back

Of course, there are also a couple major reasons she did not text you back:

You texted too much, too soon:

It goes without saying, but sometimes we get so excited about getting a cute girl’s number that we, without realizing it, over-text them. In the early stages of the interaction, remember – less is more. Your goal of the early interactions is to engage her emotions, create attraction, and get her out on a date.

The mindset here to adopt is – send it and forget it. Literally set your phone down if you are too tempted to immediately respond. By immediately responding to her messages, you subconsciously give off the vibe that you are sitting around waiting for her messages. Nothing kills attraction faster than being over eager.

Your texts were too generic and didn’t engage her emotions:

Have you ever sent a funny or insightful text, only to get a response of “lol” or “k”? Remember how frustrating it was? As a text master, you will never send these bland, generic texts again. Generic texts will never engage her at her emotional core. Remember – women are emotional creatures, so it is on you to spark her emotions early and often.

She lost interest in you:

This is really a combination of one and two, if you are texting too much, too soon or sending generic one-word texts that don’t engage her emotions, eventually she will lose interest and it will be back to square one…

However, there’s no need to worry. You can immediately fix these issues by doing the following things:

Be bold in your texts

Make sure to mirror her response time and length of text when responding

Be more descriptive with your language to engage her emotions

Put your phone down and go do something else after you text her

Don’t overthink things. It’s only been an hour – don’t drive yourself crazy waiting for a response.

Of course, there are several great ways to re-engage and recapture a woman’s attention that you can find into specifically in Race’s book “Text That Girl!”

Happy texting!

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