Can you spot if a man is emotionally available-

If you are a single woman today and have been on the merry-go-round for awhile, you have probably met your share of men who have left you disappointed.

Sometimes, it’s enough to make you want to give up the quest for and curl up on Saturday nights with a glass of red wine and a good book. After all, who wants to put themselves out there just to have their heart broken time and time again?

Some well intended family and friends might offer you their unsolicited advice that perhaps you have set your sights too high? After all, we were raised on fairy tales.

Perhaps, they say, you are looking for Prince Charming, who, unfortunately, does not exist.

There are other women who seem to choose the same men, the wrong men, time and time again.

Could it be because what women think they want and what they actually need are two different things? So, they keep making the same mistakes over and over because they don’t know any better.

Unfortunately, this causes women to dismiss any man who doesn’t fit the “idea” of the perfect man that they have formed in their minds.

Which means, you may have already met the at the grocery store or at the gym, but you didn’t see him because he didn’t fit the picture of what the perfect man for you would look like.

Regardless of why a woman can’t find someone special, now is the time to find a new strategy, a new course of action. By simply changing the way you think about the type of man you need and not putting so much emphasis on the type of man you want, you will attract to yourself the man that you deserve.

You can find that special someone, that one-of-a-kind man, who deserves a wonderful and unique one-of-a-kind woman like you.

What Signals Do You Send?

As a woman, do you know that the way you carry yourself upon entering a room can speak volumes about your self-esteem?

Do you slink in without making eye contact, hoping no one notices you? Or, do you stride in confidently, shoulders back, head up, smiling at those around you?

Most men can spot an anxious, insecure woman a mile away and will avoid her at all costs. And, believe it or not, men do want to find that special someone to settle down with.

However, it is very important that she be a happy, self-confident individual

And, even though a woman may think she is presenting her best self – in reality, she may be silently sending negative body signals that men pick up on immediately.

If you are a self-confident woman, there is a chance that your might be sending silent signals to men that say, “Don’t come too close, I don’t need a man.

What many women fear is being perceived by men as being “needy.” And in an attempt NOT to come across this way, it is fairly common for them to display an independent streak.

Let me tell you a secret about what men really want in a woman. Every man wants a confident woman, who is willing to let a man influence her.

More about self-confidence here

A woman who doesn’t show any vulnerability until she gets to know a man is inadvertently giving men the impression that she is stronger, tougher and more independent than she really is deep down in her heart.
You are probably scratching your head right now and saying to yourself, “Why does it have to be so hard to find a decent man out there?” And,

“Why can’t men just accept me for who I am?”

If this sounds frustrating, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how to attract the man who is your perfect soul mate?

Is there a way to know what that special quality or personality trait is that some women possess that draws men to them like a magnet?

Yes there is, and it’s available right now.

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 Making A Great First Impression

Every woman knows that men are visual. To prove that theory, take a look at prime-time television and the millions of dollars advertisers spend each year selling “sex” when what they are really selling are cars or beer.

After all, if you can convince a man that if he buys that car or drinks that beer he, too, will get that gorgeous, sexy woman, he will buy anything.

But, in reality, men aren’t as fixated with a woman’s make-up, hair or their designer purse as much as women might believe.

Most women will tell you that they do their hair and make-up and dress to impress other women. They know they’re in competition.

Women, when asked, will also admit that when they pass another attractive couple, they secretly check out the woman and not the man. After all, it’s a constant battle and they have to know the enemy in order to defeat or at least compete with her.

So, if men are not impressed with the make-up women painstakingly applied,

the hair that they hot ironed or blow dried to perfection or the expensive scent they applied for just this occasion, what will get their attention? Actually what is most powerful with men is often so simple that most women forget its power. The fastest way to get a man to notice you is to simply smile.

Sadly, this is something that most women are hesitant to embrace for fear of sending the “wrong message.”

In reality, however, what men are most attracted to is a woman’s smile, because it sends the signal that you are confident enough to show your soft side. Imagine if you knew more simple but powerful secrets like this? If you practiced them for just a few weeks, it’s possible that your entire dating life would change forever.

Did You Know that Men Actually Want To Get Married

Although it may take men longer to “take the plunge,” statistics show that most men do get married, eventually.

Sometimes they need a nudge, a wake-up call or some sort of epiphany to finally commit to it, but, in the end, most men are happier and live longer if they are married.

The independence that being single provides for a man, over time often leads to a lonely existence.

Every single person has had the feeling, at times, that life seems to be set up for couples and families. Think about the last time you went out to eat by yourself or went alone to a movie?

Why then, do men seem to fight marriage so much?

This is primarily about when they marry – not if.

For a man to arrive at the decision that he is ready to “settle down,” he often needs to feel that there is nothing left to accomplish on his own. This is why most men, at the age of 21, feel there is so much to do, unlike a man who is 38 years old.

In spite of this, what many men don’t realize is that even though they might not be actively seeking marriage, when a wonderful woman comes into their lives, their plans often change – especially if she knows how to influence his decision to marry.

For those women who understand how a man arrives at the decision to marry, they enjoy an advantage that is priceless.

Even if a man doesn’t feel that he is ready, they understand the importance of timing and what it takes for a man to exchange his ’need’ for freedom for a life of contentment with a wonderful woman.

Imagine if there was a plan to help a man realize that the freedom he thinks is so precious isn’t nearly as valuable as being in a wonderful relationship with you. Bob Grant’s e-book, “How to Find the Man of Your Dreams,” shows you exactly how to do just that.

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Lots of Love

Tina Devi

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