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How to Use Facebook to Rekindle Your Romance

If you’ve recently broken up with your romantic partner, whether it was your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your fiance or even your spouse, you probably feel like there is a hole in your heart.

A crushing pain and a lot of emptiness – I know the feeling and truly understand how you feel…

If you want to get back together, Facebook can be a powerful tool for rekindling your romance. Humans are overwhelmingly social creatures, we are drawn toward communities and crave social networking, so use this to your advantage when you want to get back together with your ex.

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When you’ve recently broken up with your partner, regardless of the reasons or who is “at fault”, you can bet good money that they are checking up on you regularly.

Even if you broke up under less-than-ideal circumstances, your ex won’t be able to resist checking out your Facebook page, reading updates that involve you, and generally keeping an eye on you.

The reason is simple: your ex wants to see how the break-up has impacted you.

Are you a crying wreck, falling apart after the loss of your soul mate and barely able to keep things together at work and socially? (maybe you are, but they don´t have to know)

Or are you hanging out with friends, going out with new people and continuing to get on with your life and have a good time?

If your ex sees that you’re still wallowing in misery following the end of the relationship, it won’t attract them back. Even though you have a really strong urge to spill it all to the world and especially to your ex DON´T!

You might think that if you could only tell them how much you and miss them, they feel the same and come back…WRONG!

Keep these details to yourself or in private conversations with your closest friends and family, but don’t post them to your Facebook.

Your ex is dying to know how you’re feeling and whether you can continue on in life with them, so don’t make it easy for them to find out!

But if you’re clearly moving on with life and have your hopes set on the future, rather than floundering in the past, you’ll be surprised how quickly your ex will want you back.

After all, there’s a certain appeal in something you can’t quite have. So cultivate that appeal, use Facebook as a covert method to show your ex everything they’re missing out on by not being with you.

The trick to doing this successfully is to disguise how you do it.

Everyone can see through to your real intent if you’re constantly posting on your ex’s wall or putting out a million updates a day, especially if you mention your ex in those updates, so avoid posting too often. Instead, post an update once or twice a day, mentioning fun and exciting things you’ve been up to.

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Photos & Tags

After your breakup, don’t be afraid to glam it up and get out there to have a good time with friends. Make sure you or your friends take loads of pictures, and then let your friends post their pictures of the night on Facebook.

Once the pictures are posted, resist the urge to tag yourself in any of the pictures, instead wait and ask one of your friends or let someone else tag you.

Your ex will notice the pictures that you’ve been tagged in, and it’ll stoke their desire that you’re out having a good time without them.

When they see that you’re out enjoying life and having fun with friends, and that the end of your relationship wasn’t the end of your life, it’ll make you all that much more attractive.

Soon your ex will be coming to you, eager to rekindle your romance.

Another sly trick is to be sure that you’re photographed in large groups, preferably with members of the opposite gender.

Your ex will wonder who the people are that they don’t recognize, and it’ll spark their desire to have to all to themselves again.

If you dare to be a bit racy, you can also post pictures of yourself looking extra sexy.

Grab a friend to help you, and snap some sexy pictures of your newest lingerie with yours truly as the model. Don’t worry if you have family members on your friend’s list, you can go into the individual setting for your new sexy photo album, and adjust settings to block certain groups or strangers from seeing your racy pics. (Highly recommended)

While your friends are tagging you in all the photos that show you having a blast (and do feel free to comment on the photos and photo albums that you’re in, just don’t tag yourself) there is a somewhat more unpleasant duty you should attend to.

Go through your photo albums and any pictures of you and your ex, and summarily delete your ex’s tag.

Removing your ex’s tag will send the message that you aren’t holding onto the past.

Regardless of whether you’re really sitting by the phone just waiting for it to go off, it’s crucial that you send the message that you’re fine and that you’re moving on.

If you leave your ex tagged in all your pictures, and you keep all the romantic pictures of both of you posted in your albums, it sends the wrong message. It says “I still miss you and I’m waiting for you to come back.”

In addition to sending the message that you’re moving on and not clinging to the past, un-tagging your ex from photos also allows you to let go of the relationship you had. Whatever the good and bad of that relationship was, it’s over and done now.

You are moving forward, and even though you’d like to move forward with your ex, you’ve got to move forward even without them.

By letting go of the relationship you had,

you leave room for a new relationship between you two to form, and that’s really essential. If and when your ex wants to get back together with you, remember that you’re not returning to your old, broken relationship.

When you get back together, you’ll be starting a new relationship. You’ll take new photos of yourselves together, and you’ll make new memories.

So take the first step now, and let go of the past: un-tag your ex from all those photos!

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