Can you spot if a man is emotionally available-

One of my subscribers – we call her Julie – wrote a heartbreaking mail to me after being single again, failing to make him commit to a serious relationship..

She told me that it had been nearly two weeks since her first (and only) date
with Steve…

He was charming, and cute, and had beautiful eyes…

But after that evening, he’d never called Julie again.

This was how it always seemed to go with Julie’s dating
life: she would meet a guy she was interested in…and
maybe he SEEMED interested, too…but then, it just never
went anywhere.

Sometimes his interest would fade out after a few months
(and Julie had to go through the humiliation of explaining to
her friends and family why she was single again…)

And other times, the guy would vanish after only one date…

I had to answer, because she is defiantly not alone with this kind of problem. You see Julie is single and want to have a boyfriend, but even though she follow my advice, (especially the one about confidence – she is awesome at that!) she seems to end up in the same place – no boyfriend.

She is not doing anything wrong, she just do not know the behind the , and it is not even complicated. Actually is as easy to put two and two together, you just have to know how.

A friend of mine called Jason Rogers is pretty awesome in this field and I told Julie to look at his work.

The Science Behind Jasons Course

This course was partially inspired by a breakthrough study that was conducted at the Bonn University Medical Center in Germany, where a team of researchers studied the effect of the hormone Oxytocin on men.

Dr. René Hurlemann, an executive senior physician who worked on the study, noted that “an important role in partner bonding is played by the hormone Oxytocin, which is secreted in the brain.”

(In fact, this same chemical is responsible for helping infants bond to their mothers.)

In the study, 40 men, all of whom were in relationships, were hooked up to brain scanners. Some were given a dose of oxytocin, delivered in a nasal spray.

Each man was then shown pictures of random, attractive women. Among these pictures, a picture of the woman they were in relationship with was included.

In the men who were given oxytocin, the pleasure and desire regions of their brains lit up like fireworks when they saw the picture of the woman they were in a relationship with.

They did NOT have this reaction when shown pictures of other women…no matter how beautiful, young and sexy they were.

The effect of oxytocin was to “neutralize” their interest in other women and IGNITE feelings of explosive passion when they saw their partner.

The brains of these men who had been given oxytocin resembled those of an addict who craves a fix and will do ANYTHING to get their hands on their drug!

“The Monogamy Method” gives women a set of simple, specific techniques they can use to trigger these same chemical urges and desires in a man, whenever she wants…

To create the same instant release of this incredibly pleasurable and addictive “love chemical.”

It all came down to an amazing book called “The monogamy method”

The content is packed with easy to read and easy to use techniques

You’ll be amazed at the power of a simple little trick I call “Unleashing His Cuddle Hormone.” It’s like flipping a switch in his mind that instantly makes him want to curl up on the couch with you (or in your bed), and hold you close, like he never wants to let go…as he shows you tender affection like never before.

You can also use the “Truth Serum Sequence” if there’s something you want to know, but he’s not saying…This quick little trick is like being able to read a man’s mind and decode his true feelings and emotions.

Use it to get inside his thoughts, and inside his heart, to create an emotional bond with him that is truly unbreakable.

Or, flip his “Erotic Obsession Switch” to ignite overwhelming, white-hot feelings of desire and lust deep within him, so that he is filled with an irresistible craving to explore and enjoy every inch of your body…to give you waves of pleasure like no other man can.

You’ll especially love the “Monogamy Goggles” technique, which allows you to instantly stop his eyes and even his thoughts from ever wandering towards any other woman, because he’ll know that only YOU have the power to completely satisfy him.

And you’ll want to immediately use the “Teenage Crush Trigger,” which targets a part of his brain that will suddenly make him feel like a jealous, love-struck teenager, driven by one single urge: to have you, to possess you, to make you all his.

Use the “Romance Rewind technique to bring back the passion and excitement roaring back into your relationship, even if those fires died down long ago…

And by learning how to apply “Future Projections,” you’ll make even the most -shy man envision spending the rest of his life with you, because he will suddenly want you and need you more than anything…

So that instead of fearing commitment or “wanting to take things slow,” he rushes into “romance mode” and pledges himself to you, and then pours his heart and soul into proving his love for you each and every day.

You’ll even discover how to use “Honeymoon Visualizations,” a technique so powerful that it has made even lifelong bachelors suddenly change their attitude towards marriage…

And become obsessed with the idea of standing on the altar with you, exchanging vows, as he vows from the bottom of his heart to love and cherish you forever.”

After I told Julie’s about this website that reveals a controversial (but scientifically proven) method
that literally triggers a chemical response inside the brain
of any man…

And causes him to feel a rush of joy, nervousness and excitement every time he with you…as he suddenly sees YOU (and only you) as the woman he is MEANT to be with…

And when he’s not around you, he will long for you…

Miss you…

Dream about you…

And even CRAVE you with pure lust…

Some people have said that using this method on a man is “even more powerful than brainwashing him…”

She was happy to report back to me that she is now in a relationship, with a wonderful man, who will not leave her side willingly.

So I do need to warn you, you should ONLY watch this short video if you intend to use it on a man who you want a loving, lasting, committed relationship with:

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In that short private video, you’ll discover easy-to-use techniques such as:

* “Commitment Kickstarters” – If you’re with a guy (or looking to meet a guy) and you don’t want him to ever get “cold feet” about having a serious, monogamous relationship with you,
use these 7 simple tricks to make him feel an overwhelming need to pledge his heart to you…without you ever having to ask!

* “Bonding Anchors” – You’ll learn step-by-step how to create an emotional and physical bond with him that literally makes him become addicted to you…

* The 10 Deadly Relationship Sins (you’re probably committing at least one of these sins right now, without even realizing it… and it’s one of the “hidden reasons”
why you’re not 100% thrilled with your romantic situation at the moment…)

Seriously, this short private video has the power to radically change your love life NOW. Watch it real quick, and see for yourself:

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Due to the controversial nature of this video, it could
be pulled from the internet at any time. (You’ll also learn what the controversy is all about, it’s a pretty fascinating story…)

So you’ll definitely want to give it a look now…and you can
thank me later  – Julie did 😉

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To your success,

Tina Devi

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