Can you spot if a man is emotionally available-

Do we actually know what men want?

What they actually feel about a woman?

What they actually want from women??

To get answers of all such questions a secret was conducted by Michael of over 20,000 men. The results were juicy, devastating and dangerous.

“What’s the one thing men desperately wish the woman in his life understood about men but could NEVER tell her?”

It seems to me that it’s a never ending journey to tap into the complex (or simple) thoughts of men.

Do you ever find yourself staring at a man and wondering what he REALLY want from you. What he REALLY dreams about? There are never ending questions but yes every girl must learn this if she wants her relationship to be the best.

Few points to help in understanding men:

  • Develop a healthy relationship with your guy. Learn how to give and take in all situations.
  • Be friendly with him. If you are his friend your guy will open up to you and will tell you very easily about his needs, wants and desires.
  • Men are visually driven. So if you don’t want your guy to give a glance on other girls around than work on your looks and drive him crazy for you. (more about how to make him go crazy for you here)
  • Understand that men need encouragement for great conversation, especially when you are looking for him to open up and share his deepest secrets with you.
  • Realize that a man’s emotions are often hidden. Especially when it comes to romance and intimacy. It’s not that he’s clueless! He just may not have any idea of what you want, need or desire.
  • Men cannot read the mind and girls are good in keeping secrets so open up with your guy what you want or feel. This will make him feel that you are totally his.
  • Your man may often lie to you. Not intentionally to hurt you, but for fear of getting into a confrontation. So deal with it politely not by heading towards a fight.
  • His mum comes first. Yes ladies this might be shocking for you but mothers are always priority but that doesn’t mean he don’t love you.
  • Men like to show off their strength so be with it.
  • Men love their privacy and so should you do ladies.


Michael gave me a tiny peek at the survey results and I suddenly felt like I had X-ray vision into men’s minds…

Michael’s decided to share the results with a few women…

And totally blow apart what you think you know about men…

Go watch this amazing video to find out more:

==> The Secret Survey

So ladies understand men and gain your love from him.

What Men Secretly Want


I did and you can too!

Tina Devi

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