Can you spot if a man is emotionally available-
Here´s an interesting article from my friend Nadine Piat that explain a corner of the difference between men and women and how to handle it.

Enjoy !

Tina Devi


This article is about those women who are frustrated with a common problem about their men “he pays more attention to his work, smart phone or video games than to me!”

And this is going viral in the modern days due to increased workload and stress.

But there are some certain ways to arouse your man and make him passionate about the every inch of you, in a word being irresistible to him. Start some dirty talk with him. So now you will wonder how to convert your ladylike public persona into a dirty little vixen within closed doors. (more about dirty talk here)

A man hungers for a woman that he feels really good around.

Yes, he wants to have fun with her, he wants to find her physically attractive, though most importantly he wants to be with a woman who’s responsive to him in a way that makes him feel like he’s your king and that he’s all you’ll ever need.

If you are going through this article you are already the kind of woman what a man wants most, as you are keen to know how to please him. Firstly your interest in men gives you a different aura which men can’t miss.


1. Take off the mask:

Women are really good at pretending that they’re not interested in a man they like, or they can play too hard to get. How is that helpful? Masks are confusing so take off the mask.


2. Encourage him with confidence:

Women need to get over the idea that if you encourage a man he will think you’re desperate and/or needy. You can still be encouraging without being a doormat. Stop over thinking and strategizing, instead be more authentic and honest with how you feel. (more about self-confidence here)


3. Be OKAY with something not working out:

Finding real happens when we’re truly ready to . And the only way one can be in a truly healthy, loving and intimate relationship is when we ourselves first. When we ourselves we’re not worried about being rejected or getting hurt. Don’t let the unknown of stop you from loving.


4. Verbal and non-verbal responsiveness:

There is not one way to show responsiveness. You can be responsive in the way you talk, smile, touch another, or move your body. You can show encouragement while chatting on the phone, via text message and emails, on dates or when sexually engaged too. Responsiveness is valuable in all forms of interaction and connection


5. Be fashionable but not obsessively


6. Be healthy but not fat:

Basically men loves curves more than skinnies. And also you can’t expect your all dates only eating salad.


No matter how pretty or plain you think you are, no matter your body shape, or your past, how much money you do or don’t have, everyone is deserving of love and can find the love they deeply want.

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Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Tina Devi

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