Can you spot if a man is emotionally available-

Do you really want to feel fearless and absolutely determined in everything that you do, including relationships???

If yes, then you must definitely read what James Bauer – a relationship expert has to say.

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Do you wish to lead a more promising and confident life?

Do you feel you need to be more bold and feel solid in everything you do, including relationships?

Then you should read an interesting article written by James Bauer, relationship expert. He knows exactly about confidence and reveals how you too can get it by one simple technique.

You can read his message below – All the Best!


Tina Devi



Real Self-Confidence by James Bauer:


Real self-confidence is a something which makes a person literally unshakeable. It keeps no doubt, always allows you to take rational decisions and keeps you focused on your goals. It is the kind of confidence that you see in a mother protecting her child; emotions maybe present but it is rational which controls the show.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could develop such real self-confidence during your dating scenes?

Let me share a few tips in this regard:


Start with yourself:

You must be absolutely sure of what you want. The more certain you are the more confident you become. It will allow you to choose the right person as your partner.

Failures are the stepping stones to success:

To quote, T.J. Watson, the president of IBM, ‘Would you like the formula for success?’ Watson asks. ‘Double your rate of failure.’

If you are too cautious and take calculated steps then you don’t try much and you don’t learn much. When it comes to dating you will come across failures. But you need to accept failures as a part of it.

Don’t think of setbacks and letdowns as something terrible that needs to be controlled at all costs. Instead, embrace failure as something natural that is “okay.” This attitude can dramatically increase your real self-confidence.


Have a clear idea about your BATNA:

BATNA – “best alternative to negotiated argument.

In a relationship you can have your BATNA about issues like being intimate, moving in or spending time with one another. Being clear on your BATNA will allow you to have the confidence to talk things out openly with your partner. I´ve used this concept in many different aspects of my life.

Imagine you go to your landlord to complain about the broken door knob. Knowing your BATNA before you start the conversation gives you a huge advantage (and boosts your confidence). Let’s say you have nowhere else to live and know you can’t afford the other rental options in town. In that case, your best alternative to getting him to agree to fix that door knob might be to ignore it for a while.

Alternatively, you may have lots of options for other rental situations. In that case, your BATNA is clear. If, after negotiating for a few minutes, he does not agree to have it fixed on his dime by next Tuesday, you tell him you are moving out at the end of the month.

Suddenly you have the upper hand in the negotiation. You can afford to push the issue, because if he doesn’t eventually agree, you can pull out your BATNA. In this case, your BATNA is to threaten moving out, because you know it really is a better option to you than living with the broken door.

What Men Secretly Want
Rely more on attraction than chasing:

It is seen that most women have an innate understand of what men wants. But the problem is that men are mysterious, even to themselves. This makes it difficult for women to develop actions to maximally attract them without obliterating a good relation. (read more about what men think here)

Always rely on attracting men and keep a good bonding with him, rather than chasing or allowing him to chase you. Relations are not a rat race; they are the most special bonding that one can develop.

If you’ll allow me to be so bold, I would like to invite you to try something interesting.

As a dating coach and a man with a mission to understand men’s reactions to women, I have discovered something very, very valuable. It’s an organizing principle that seems to change the dating game for those who learn about it. I call it the Respect Principle, and if you’d like to learn more about it, I’ve shared a free presentation on the topic below.

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Real self-confidence comes to those who have a strong sense of certainty. I want to support you as you develop confidence and the skills to attract quality men into your life.

In this article I’ve given you what I believe to be some of the most universally helpful tips for building confidence for dating. But if you really want to take your confidence with men to the next level, spend a few more minutes to learn why the Respect Principle is something your man is deeply affected by, yet unable to put into words.

Watch now=>The respect principle


Wishing you happiness in and life,

James Bauer.




Hopefully this article will help you to develop a strong real self-confidence and allow you to explore the world of relationships in a much better manner.


Tina Devi

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